Do you long for a community ...

  • that centers around God's table of grace, reserved for no one and freely offered to ALL?
  • that is open to diverse understandings of God?
  • that cares more about the relationship you have with God than your knowledge of church doctrine?
  • that shares Jesus' passion for the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized?
  • that encourages critical thinking, even doubting, as an important part of growing in faith?
  • that honors the Bible as a collection of writings to be taken seriously, but not literally?
  • that expects the Spirit to transform God's people and supports all who are open to that ongoing transformation in their lives?
  • that seeks to follow the Jesus Way in the world, the way of radical compassion for other people (especially those who are not "like us") and all creation?

That's the kind of community we're striving to be at Holy Trinity. If you long to be a part of such a community, check us out. Perhaps God is calling you to join us in our mission.

Our Mission:

Loving Not Judging

NC Synod Assembly

Thursday 12:00am - Saturday 12:00am

The last weekend in May, our three voting members to the North Carolina Synod Assembly will be traveling to Greensboro for a historic Assembly. After serving as our bishop for the past 18 years, Leonard Bolick will be retiring this year and we will be electing a new bishop.Please pray for our synod and for our voting members who will be involved in this important discernment process. Voting members from Holy Trinity are: Pastor Nancy, Robin Sandwick and Linda Davis.

Sunday school

Sunday 9:30am

Sunday school classes for all ages meet every Sunday morning with an open classroom for children and two adult classes.

Sunday worship

11:00 AM WORSHIP includes a sermon from our pastor and Holy Communion. We also offer childcare during this service, beginning at 10:45 AM. (See worship tab above for more information.)

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